Hi, I am Alafia Jai

Living a wholistic lifestyle as a single mom has played a major part in my journey to success today. I started this journey 100 lbs heavier, depressed, with hypertension issues, migraines, YOU NAMEEEEE IT! 
I had already tapped into certain parts of a purifying lifestyle but me letting go of FLESH(Animal products) babbbyyyyyy you couldn’t tell me I was letting go of my fried chicken, my cheeseburger, my fried fish! I had to have it lol.
One day, I watched a documentary on Netflix called What The Health! It had just come onto Netflix and I was excited to check it out. After seeing the sicknesses that eating animal products caused I then knew it was time for a change. 
Now here I am a year later fully vegan! No medications! No hypertension issues! And daily elevating myself and others on this journey. 
From meal prepping to wholistic accessories, and body care K&Q has so many tools that could build you on your journey as well.
On this path to healing, it benefits to have a team here to support and aid you in a healthier way of living! 
I did it! I’m still doing it! You can do this too!

Revenge can be oh so sweet…. Just by focusing on healing yourself! I challenge you today to conquer negativity with love and awareness! #selflove #selfcare #energy #align #killnegativity #gratitude #healthyliving #conciousness #awareness #healing

♬ African Queen - Remastered Version - 2 Face Idibia

What I Do to Live a Truly Wholistic Life